SAP Services

We provide a hands-on approach with personalized project solutions with a consulting advantage. Our dedicated SAP HANA team joins workshops, trainings, conferences consistently and has accomplished the maximum qualifications available. Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of the technology in Retail & Manufacturing industries, means that we understand your unique challenges and how SAP HANA can help you translate those challenges into opportunities.


S/4 HANA - the Future of the ERP-Systems

For companies that run their processes on SAP as the core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, adoption of HANA and S/4HANA is the key to their digital transformation.

From implementing a solution to migrating an entire ERP landscape, our experience covers enterprises of all sizes, industries, and business processes for any deployment type. Our services and support are there to help make your transition to SAP S/4HANA as your new digital core a success.

Arizon Digital GmbH is here to support your roadmap to SAP S/4HANA. The roadmap proactively manages risk, makes implementation foreseeable and creates transparency around every phase.

Arizon Digital can help with:

A new implementation

If you want to implement a new instance of SAP S/4HANA, either by migrating a legacy system or running a new installation.

Landscape transformation

For customers who would like to combine their existing SAP landscape, or carve out selected units and processes, as part of a transformation to SAP S/4HANA.

System conversion

For customers who would like to translate the existing SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA On-premise, including commercial information and configuration.

Arizon Digital's approach

We bring complete flexibility to a S/4 HANA project, but with a single goal in mind; bringing value to the customer as rapidly and reliably as possible.

  • » Unique flexible, agile approach
  • » Onshore/offshore/near-shore or flexible hybrid balance
  • » Minimized risk

Our S/4 HANA Services in a nutshell:

  • » Support the digital transformation
  • » HANA Business Case and Roadmap development
  • » Describe system-wide concepts such as organizational elements or master data
  • » Describe key business processes of SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management and SAP S/4HANA LoB solutions
  • » Integration scenarios between SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud solutions

Furthermore, we are offering:

  • » Data Migration
  • » Application design and development
  • » Harmonization
  • » Process consulting
  • » Code Optimizations that lead to enhanced business process performance
  • » Project Management
  • » Improvement of User Experience
  • » Identification of improvement potentials



We offer consolidation & harmonization of master data objects such as Finance, Business Partners, Materials, Articles & Reference master data.

We aid you:

  • » In identifying the impeccable solutions according to your business requirements by examining & evaluating the As IS process.
  • » Design and Implementation of BPMN's, functional & technical concepts.

Our master data professionals are already working with state-of-the-art technologies like Master Data Governance Incorporation with SAP Central Finance, both in SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA environments.

Our Offerings:

  • » We do the analysis and assessment of the current situation about Master Data.
  • » We draft a company-wide master data concept and corresponding road map.
  • » We assist you in the selection of a solution perfectly matched to your needs by analyzing and evaluating your current system landscape and organizational structure.
  • » Consulting on master data processes, architecture, and optimized data management.
  • » Together, we define future processes and assign responsibilities, which also involves witnessing compliance procedures and evading data duplication.
  • » We develop IT designs and implement it for the long term on the basis of defined requirements and specifications.

In the end customers will benefit of a harmonized master data with corresponding authorization concepts which will positively effect their ongoing operations.


SAP Product Life Cycle Management

As experts in the manufacturing industry, we offer complete solutions for handling product lifecycle management (PLM) and project business with SAP software. We also combine our industry-specific expertise in process and project design with extensive knowledge of SAP PLM and a practical implementation methodology.

Our all-inclusive approach to business process design covers the entire product lifecycle, including everything from development to spare parts and after-sales support. We will assist you in managing your project portfolio - including planning, execution, and all the steps in between - and in bringing external development partners on board.
Regarding E2E engineering change management we offer: ECM processes integrated with ECTR Processes in the web UI of SAP PLM control functions for phasing constructive changes into and out of logistics processes.

Services and solutions:

Consulting Services

Arizon Digital GmbH Consulting Services help analyse the current product processes, industry benchmarked business processes and client's business strategy to develop a robust PLM roadmap. Our comprehensive approach to PLM takes into account current and emerging business needs. The Arizon Digital PLM journey doesn't end with mere recommendations but revolves around helping our customers realize the various stages in PLM maturity.

PLM Business Enhancement

  • » PLM assessment workshop
  • » PLM strategy and roadmap definition
  • » PLM business process analysis and redesign (NPDI, ECN, design collaboration, manufacturing collaboration, requirement management, and service lifecycle management)
  • » PLM package evaluation
  • » Roll out and deployment support
  • » Process training
  • » Knowledge management initiative

PLM Program Management

  • » PLM assessment workshop
  • » Program charter, metrics, and ROI framework
  • » Program organization and stakeholder management
  • » Program planning, control, and reporting (cost, schedule, and quality)
  • » Communication and change management


SAP Project System (PS)

Arizon Digital will help jumpstart your next project with SAP Project System (PS). From development to invoicing, map out and manage each project phase with PS for a wide range of industry-relevant processes and workflows.

We cover mobility enhancements, SAP HANA-based reporting, and details on the new SAP Commercial Project Management tool along with customization, functionality, and utilization of SAP Project System.
Arizon Digital Guides you through all project phases, from planning and invoicing to reporting and integration with latest tools in integration and mobility. We enable you to submit project proposals, prioritize them with current projects, and monitor and review their progress using SAP Portfolio Management.

Our experts help you:

  • » To align your portfolio with your business strategy,
  • » Get a quick and reliable overview of your entire portfolio,
  • » Ranging from projects and programs to services
  • » Streamline enterprise project portfolio management to gain a complete view into capital expenditures, R&D performance, and capacity of professional & IT services.

Arizon Digital helps clients to manage project operations effectively company-wide; including access tools to handle everything from project structuring and scheduling to visualization. We support different implementation and finance management models such as Six Sigma, phase gate, critical path, and product and cycle-time excellence.

We also help our customers to execute the right project with the right resources by implementing different process harmonisation to optimize their human, capital and equipment assets based on project need, qualifications and availability. Our clients will identify future resource needs and deploy them according to organizational structure, location, skill, and business requirements.

We believe in knowledge sharing with a collaborative approach. Hence our experts participate in "Continuous improvements to SAP Portfolio and Project Management" through DSAG. Therefore, our approach will solve business problems blended with implementation experience and tuned with customer support activities. We keep it simple as per customer requirement.


Arizon Digital GmbH is a prime provider of SAP PPM consulting and implementation services (SAP Portfolio and Project Management). Our exceptional industry specific know-how, in-depth knowledge and understanding of PLM, PPM, EHS and other related SAP business solutions and technologies, will help you streamline your processes, increase your visibility into your product development lifecycle and supply chain planning processes and improve your productivity metrics.

Project & Portfolio Management is about more than just time frames and budgets.

We align projects to strategic business goals: In our experience, companies portfolios get over-bloated with isolated projects and low-value, low-return investments, when portfolios advance from the company strategy. We start every PPM project by clarifying the company strategy and understanding how the innovation channel can empower the strategy. With this knowledge, we shape reporting to drive the value of the portfolio.

We help to mitigate project risks & increase success: Portfolio and Project Management helps to reduce the percentage of projects that fail in terms of budget and schedule over-runs, poor orientation, mismanaged requirements, or technical failures.

We help to reduce cost and schedule overruns: Within the first few weeks of deployment, we will with your cross-functional team to recognize portfolio risks and create strategies to bring projects back within tolerance.

Arizon Digital GmbH differentiates its SAP PPM consulting practice through the following:

  • » We have world-class SAP PLM / PPM experts
  • » We provide direct support to our clients through PPM solution definition, enhancements, development, customization, testing, deployment.
  • » Our company founders are industry known SAP PLM/PPM pioneers & evangelists
  • » Our consultants are experienced professionals with vital business process &technical expertise.
  • » By exploring your portfolio, we can help you drive efficiency, make smarter decisions, lower risk.
  • » Our consultants are experienced in streamlining and enforcing approvals for funding, resource, gate decisions, and ongoing evaluations.


More SAP Services

Data Migration

Our Offerings:

  • » Using modern and standard tools, we organize data migration from any source systems (SAP and non-SAP) as a managed service as part of global implementation and rollout projects.
  • » Coordinate the overall project program from a migration perspective and provide uniform data migration guidelines to the different projects in good time.
  • » Define and Use template-based migration approaches, provide different solutions depending on project type, and establish uniform quality standards.
  • » Ensures end-to-end migration from legacy systems all the way to the global SAP template.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving Usability, Ease of use, Pleasure of interaction between the user and the product.

It focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need and value, their abilities and limitations. It also takes into account the business objectives and goals.

Our Offerings:

  • » We design an efficient solution with high ROI.
  • » We analyse and understand the business objectives and goals by conducting user research, Building information architecture and develop interface structure.
  • » We develop prototypes, build design mock-ups and Improve interfaces.
  • » We develop effective product specific to your requests.
  • » We support, based on SAP Fiori / SAPUI5 solutions and corresponding best practices.